21 Blackjack Game
Blackjack - mega popular game in online casinos, in ordinary terrestrial gaming establishment. Find an explanation for this popularity is not difficult, because the rules of blackjack are ridiculously simple. Also, the game of blackjack - very fast, one draw Law takes a few minutes. The purpose of blackjack - to beat the dealer. Yes, you heard right, do not get 21 points, but it beat the dealer. Dealer playing blackjack just like you, so the house edge in blackjack - minimal, only 0.5%.

In a typical casino, players can easily use card counting strategy (in this game you can do this, as it is impossible easier), but online blackjack does not allow to count as an advantage. The fact that each draw cards starts there with a new deck, or "infinite" deck, which in principle - identical concepts. However, despite this, on the Internet you can still find a lot of useful tips and strategies for playing blackjack.

Once again about the rules of blackjack. The main task - to beat the dealer. Dealer and you are dealt two cards, you can either get or do not get the card. Considered a winning combination of 21 points, each card has its own "glasses" value: Jack, Queen, King - 10, Ace - 1 or 11, "numeric" cards - from 2 to 10. If both players total points to 21, the winner is the one who has more total points, if more than 21 - the one with whom she had less. Blackjack - a situation when you dial 21 points, two cards (Ace + ten, jack, queen or king). In online blackjack, there are several varieties of the game, there is also a 3D-version.

In Blackjack - game is also very popular, though hardly in the conversation you hear such a name. In our country it is known under the name of "twenty-one", and so it probably played and your parents and grandparents, and you. The game is popular, as it is not pretentious. Online blackjack is also interesting because it offers a lot of variation, both in design and for minor discrepancies in the rules. In any case, everyone loved, love and will love to play blackjack.

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