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Internet has long been teeming with various offers a very simple and profitable earnings. Namely - offered to make winning at online casinos . Naturally, in most cases with a referral . However, variations of such methods have produced very, very much. Although ultimately boils down to the essence, to get the last penny from fans of easy money and at the same time large.

As a result, they are very easily and quickly lose their money. In this article, propose to discuss whether it is possible to beat the online casinos, whether such real earnings, and also reviewed and the results of my investigation. Who reads me on Twitter, could know that I am preparing this post.

No casino will not operate at a loss, be it conventional or online institution. If it were possible, everyone would have done nothing, only played. After the theoretical amount of wages are commensurate with the salary of deputies. But why so many fall for this trap? There are many strategies allegedly games, which you can always win. One of them Martingale advocated even now. Its essence doubling rates at a loss, and continuing to put on the same color.

The theory of probability it really works, that's just what the theory itself is probably not working at the casino, the authors do not write clever. I checked it even on such trifles as Ref4Bux . There's a game, "Eagle-Tails." So, applying the theory of Martingale there I won the first few times, but then 7 or 8 times in a row had the same side. It's clear that all of this is monitored, and if you're playing well, you quickly zasekut and ransacked depriving a bagel. And this is only the journal boxes , where the game is for cents, and how reliable is it all to control the casino where wins a hundred times more!

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