Online Keno Game
History of the Game of Keno, which is now played by many fans of online casinos, unlike many other popular and interesting today gambling games such as roulette, poker and blackjack, goes back to antiquity, which narrate the fascinating ancient Chinese scrolls, dating from the year 200 to BC.

Cheng Lin ruler of the Han dynasty for several years led the terrible wars that harassed residents. In the end, imbued with the ideas of peace residents refused to subsidize the army, and then came up with an ingenious monarch game with which became successfully extracted from the pockets of gambling compatriots funds necessary for the continuation of hostilities. This game me many details differ from current keno online casino instead of numbers it used characters, totaling 120.

But the story does not end with Keno. From the east game emigrated to America with thousands of Chinese who were building the railroad. Despite the ban, the Chinese are constantly playing keno, so the game became known as "the Chinese lottery." However, much success in the game America had until the end of the XIX century, when, finally, the characters have changed on the number, the number of which was reduced to 80.

When in 1931 in the state of Nevada legalized gambling, lotteries still remained banned. However, our luck keno avoided strict control of the state: the name "Chinese Lottery" was replaced by "horse race keno," It was understood that the numbers - it's a horse, on which bets are made. After some time in Nevada banned horse racing, and the name of the game was immediately shortened to just "keno". In this form and with the same name exists and it pleases all gamblers today.

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