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Online casino games have reached such proportions that the owners of offline casinos never dreamed of. And some progressive jackpots online casino several times higher than the maximum gain in the leading gambling establishments in Las Vegas. But back to this not-too-distant 1995, when it opened its first virtual casino - famous Inter Casino. And after 3 years, in 1998, the notion of progressive jackpots. This means that part of the bets, lost in an online casino, add up to a total amount. Now, each player has the opportunity to regain his bid increased in countless times.

The U.S. government, seeing this tidbit passes, the first attempts to ban online casinos. However, the bill fails miserably. In the history of online casinos it is impossible not to mention the development of Boss Media. Multi-player gaming platform allows clients to play at the same virtual table. Along with the rapid development of Internet technology and the demand for virtual gambling. If the first played in 2001 in Jackpot Casino The Sands of the Caribbean was equal to only 414,119 U.S. dollars, a year later Captain Cooks Casino has paid the lucky one and a half million dollars.

Together with the increase in popularity of online gambling, and growing number of online casinos. Unfortunately, not all virtual casinos are honest with customers. Increasingly met frank scammers that naturally discourages potential customers honest casino. Then in 2003, the founding fathers of the Internet gambling business, came to the conclusion that it is necessary to control the services offered to players and protect their interests. So a non-profit organization for the establishment and supervision of standards of the online gaming - CORA (eCommerce and Online Gambling Regulation and Assurance), is still in effect. Play from the comfort of home, this is, of course, extremely convenient. But the man - a social being and he just need to live chat. And the company Play Tech made a breakthrough in the field of online gambling. They become interactive. Now players using video chat, could see the face of the dealer on the computer screen.

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