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During the last ten years the number of online casinos has increased significantly. Today, there are hundreds. And that's not counting the various bookmakers and poker rooms that offer additional games at online casinos. If you need to consider and, of course, the number may exceed 1,000. Therefore, online casinos have to compete for new players. One way - attractive welcome bonus.

Online casino bonus - a bonus offered to new players at the casino when they make their first real money deposit at the casino. Welcome bonuses offered by the online casino will vary depending on the casino. Some casinos offer a fixed amount of welcome bonus provided that your minimum deposit will comply with the welcome bonus. I and most respected casino competition felt suddenly appeared small online casinos usually offer better.

Welcome bonus in the prestigious and safe casino is usually offered in the form of interest, which are proportional to the initial deposit. Some casinos offer very high bonuses of 200% up to $ 15,000 dollars / euros or even 30,000 to push you to deposit a large sum of money and become their player in the long term.

Before you take such high bonuses, we recommend to check casino in the "Play Money" and learn everything you can about the requirements for the bonus rate to which you are going to get for your deposit. Here at Casino Filter, we will inform you about all the details that you should know about the most pressing and large bonuses and casino tours in Tallinn online all the requirements for it.
More information can be found at our casino reviews page. All you need to know can be found here and you can make a considered, safe choice for your first deposit in your chosen online casino.

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